Plate processing control

CRON's patented CRD digital processor control system employs cutting-edge detection and automatic control technology to provide real-time dynamic monitoring of all plate processing functions. This includes condition of the plate developer, temperature, plate quantity, processing time and other control data to make intelligent decisions on processing capability and automatic replenishment needs.

Installation of the CRON CRD system could not be easier. Connection to the processor is simply by connection of flow and return hoses. The unit is externally powered, so there is no need for any electrical or other connection. All measurement and control is carried out in the CRD system unit which has a simple touch pad for ease of use.

The system provides:

• Easy installation
• Consistent development
• Precise reproduction of dots and dot structure
• Improved production efficiency
• Reduced plate and chemical waste
• System alarms for any sub-standard operations
• Automatic calculation and control of developer replenishment