CRON CTP Bridges

Every CRON CTP solution comes with a simple straight bridge that can link to a processor or simply act a gathering station for plates.

Optional bridges can be purchased to suit specific production requirements as follows:

Right-angle bridge - Used for 'L' shaped installations to change the direction of the plate by 90 degrees. This bridge can be used where the shape and size or lack of space requires an L-shaped installation. It also has an additional benefit allowing the use of a smaller processor for the narrow width of the plate. A smaller processor means lower capital cost and less chemistry.

Multi-direction punch bridge - adds a high level of versatility to any CRON CTP installation with fully integrated system communication via Can Bus, multi-direction feed capability and customisable plate punching.

Can Bus connection allows the Bridge to communicate directly with the CTP with LaBoo software ensuring optimum operation. In addition Can Bus allows the connection of multiple bridges and CTP systems to make optimum use of processors, stackers and punches.

Each bridge is user programmable so that plate movement can be set in any one of 4 directions. Plate direction can even be altered according to set templates allowing the use of mixed plate types, processors and punch configurations.

Punch bridges are fitted with one set of user specifiable punches as standard. The design of the punch bridge optionally allows full customisation with multiple punch configurations. An additional benefit is that punch configurations can be changed or updated on-site at any time if a new press or punch configuration is required.

Model BGP72 BGP46 BGP36 BGP26
Model options D2: 2-way (left or right) - no punching
D4: 4-way with punching
Max plate size
Min plate size
Punching method Air pressure punching
Plate thickness 0.15~0.40mm
Registration accuracy 0.01mm
Air supply (included) External air supply (> 0.3MPa
W x L x H
Net weight
2415 x 2050 x 1200mm
2050 x 1420 x 1050mm
1800 x 1170 x 1050mm
1500 x 950 x 1050mm
Power supply Single phase AC 240V±5%, 50/60Hz, 200W
Environment 18~25°C; RH:20~70%
Punching 1 set supplied as standard to customer specification (D4 only)